I thought it’ll be fun to do a quick post on the tiny portfolio that I’ve created for my wife since a reader asked. (Hi Jaslyn!)

For the year 2017, the time-weighted returns (including dividends) as of today is 19.42% when compared to STI at 20.99%.

The current portfolio value is $4,320 with profit & dividends of +$724.4 (+18.93%).

For the year, I was able to give my wife dividends for all four quarters. Both CapitaLand Mall Trust and Frasers Centrepoint Trust go with a standard four-quarter distribution schedule with payout dates falling in Feb, May, Aug and Nov.

Feb 2017 : $57.70
May 2017 : $57.70
Aug 2017 : $57.50
Nov 2017 : $57.50

Remember what I blogged in the previous post?

The imagery of being handed a crisp, blue $50 dollar bill every 3 months is a vivid and tangible …