If you have been staying in Singapore long enough, the term “Cheapo” should be no stranger to you.

After a quick search on the definition of “Cheapo” on Urban Dictionary, we arrive at a rather accurate definition of it.

Cheapo is an adjective to describe someone who is “obsessed with chasing discounts or low-value items. Someone who displays a strong preference for inexpensive and reduced priced things.”

“Cheapo” and “Kiasu” are just two of the major traits that Singaporeans find it hard to shake off. These two character traits run deep in our blood, making us true blue Singaporeans. To embrace a little of such culture, we went on Hardwarezone to source for “Life Hacks” to save money.

Disclaimer: Some of these hacks may not be encouraged but can be a true lifesaver when you are low on cash.

Below Are Our Top 5 “Cheapo Hacks”

source: http://www.littlegreenwok.sg/roti_prata_shoot_out/

Hack 1: How to