2017 will be over soon! I hope everyone manages to meet their 2017 new year resolution if not you have about 2 weeks to do so :)

I believe we will not be buying/selling any more stocks as the year ends so let’s take a look at how our portfolio did for the year of 2017.

The overall performance of our portfolio since 2014 is 8.98% (time-weighted return) and 9.60% (XIRR). Yay! We are easily contented, our return is positive and higher than bank/CPF SA interest :) If you are wondering what is the difference between time-weighted return and XIRR, do read this article by commonfund. In short, XIRR takes cash flows into account while time-weighted return does not so the way they are calculated is different.

From the graph, you can tell that we have been consistently underperforming the market (benchmark against STI ETF) so do not follow what we buy/sell for