Reader says…
I would like to seek your self talk on whether a person should continue paying premiums for his whole life insurance policy.

Person A initiated a whole life policy with the premium payment duration for 25 years.

After 4 years, the surrender value is now around 20% of the total premium payment till date.

As the monthly premium is occupying a huge part of his monthly cash flow, he is considering to replace the whole life insurance with a term life insurance to “cut losses”.

In addition, he is also considering to terminate his child’s whole life policy which was initiated in 2016.

After spending time getting himself educated, he realised there might not a need for his child to have a whole life policy.

In addition, the sum assured may also be not that significant in the future, given the inflation rate.

What self talk would you give yourself if you imagine yourself to be Person A in the given scenario? …