This post is inspired by SGYI’s post – A Letter To My 20 Year Old Self 10 Years Later

In SGYI’s post, he was writing about the roads he have walked through in this few years, from a diploma student, to being conscripted into National Service, to entering the workforce with his first job, saving up for university and finally to who he is today.

I thought it would be very meaningful for me to revert to this letter when I’m 30 year old, 10 years down the road and look back onto the roads I’ve walked through and the thoughts I bear today.

On a contrary, this post today will be the reversal of his letter. Instead of a letter to my 10 year old self, which is really strange, I thought it would better to write a letter to my 30 year old self.

Dear 30-year-old self, 

At this point of writing, I …