I do possess weaknesses and bad traits. One of them is voyeurism.

I love reading reviews and reflections of others and as the year draws to a close, these articles are springing up on the financial blogosphere (here, here, here and here).

But as the biggest fan and beneficiary of this blog, I think I love reading mine the most. So before I started typing away for this review, I decided to refresh myself with 2016’s version. And then proceeded on to 2015’s, 2014’s and finally, 2013’s reflection.


Tough choice Fassbender …. Magneto vs Steve Jobs

That led to some reminiscing. Funny thing is, instinctively, you think life hasn’t changed that much across those years. But after reading and reminding myself of the past in greater detail, I realise how much my life has changed and how I have evolved as a person.

Oh, and …