The Baldwins are as crazy as they come, but Stephen says some really good stuff here.

What a lot of people are being confused about, especially by the mainstream media and by financial “experts” is that there are 2 distinct things that we are looking at today, not 1.

#1 – Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as an INVESTMENT at this PRICE (BUBBBLEE!)
#2 – The value, usage and potential of the various different types of crypto today and in the future

Wait wait, hold on a second. Different types of crypto? Isn’t it just Bitcoin and knock-offs? No.

There are many different types of crypto.

There are the currency types.
There are the platform types.
There are the governance types.
There are the security types.
There are the utility types.
There are the fund types.

While PepeCash and DogeCoin might sound really stupid and ridiculous, they are both …