This is a continuation of my previous post (see here). After some thinking, I think it is not wise to blab about my interests as well as the potential areas of interests that I am keen to develop. Else, I will really overdo it with the number of “parts” there are to this post.

To make it more relatable, I think it would be better to show how I could potentially fill up my schedule with various activities over a 1-week time-span. For this hypothetical scenario, let’s assume that I wake up at 8am each day and head back to bed at 10pm.

Why 10pm? I am a morning person who rise early and rest early.

To make scheduling “easier”, I’ll divide the time into 2-hour blocks. Hence, there are 7 such blocks in each day (8am – 10am; 10am – 12pm; 12pm – 2pm; 2pm – 4pm; 4pm – 6pm; 6pm – …