Firstly, Merry Christmas to all


Have you seen the crazy dipped of prices on Bitcoin/Ethereum/ LiteCoin?

Bitcoin dropped $4k worth, Ethereum $200 worth and Litecoin $100 worth.

This led me to the idea of giving coins as presents to my close friends….. but then how do I too benefit from it??? Referral of course.

The minimum requirement to get the referral rewards ($13 worth of bitcoin) is a min buy/sell $134 worth of any coin.

wait?! did u say $13 worth of bitcoin? so little?

Ya can grow and all…. but by how much?



The first referral I got was from June, that grew from $13.67 to approx $82.02

So….hehehe, If you have yet to create an account with Coinbase or do not have any friend referral! you can use mine