Annual public service announcement! Dividends for ABF Singapore Bond Index Fund is coming up.

SGX is one of the best source of dividends information and I’ll re-post it here, for your convenience especially if you’re holding it.

For your information, the dividends for ABF Singapore Bond Index Fund [A35] is/was :

  1. 2015 – S$0.0305
  2. 2016 – S$0.0265
  3. 2017 – S$0.0214
  4. 2018 – S$0.0261 (2.23% yield based on 26-Dec-2017 closing price of S$1.171)

As I’ve written for last year’s post .. “a diversified bond basket can actually benefit from rising interest rates. Investors might think otherwise because of the mechanics of basic bond math (‘when rates go up, yields go up and prices …