Head to the gym today and find gym-goers with their post-workout supplements in those shaker bottles. Among them, a group of gym-goers who prefer his supplement all natural as they down those home-prepared chicken breast.

As a frequent visitor to the gym in the past (don’t laugh!), Whey protein shakes being my preferred choice.

TL;DR – The Cheaper Post Workout Supplement Based on a study conducted, one does not need more than 25g of protein after a workout. Hence, one serving of Whey Protein is sufficient for after a workout. Each serving of Whey Protein cost S$0.97. Other alternative for whey protein includes eggs, milk, chicken breast, fish. Of which, chicken breast is a cheaper alternative to Whey Protein. Further reading: Price Comparison of whey protein delivery in Singapore

For maximum convenience, ordering my post-workout supplement online and getting it delivered to me seems like the best option.

With this, below …