I have got to say, I am usually very cool headed and reserved when to comes to investing.

But, I have to admit that I recently did something very dirty that even I am ashamed of: I went to FOMO buy into a crypto at all time highs, AFTER it already went up 3,000% in a month.

I really don’t do these kind of things.

But when I came across the project again (first saw it at the start of December), I dived in deeper and I came out blown away at the technology and the progress of it.

Is this something I’ll regret? Maybe. Buying into rips at all time highs is definitely a terrible idea.

However, I think that the medium term outlook of this crypto is EXTREMELY rosy. I’m looking at about lowball estimates of 50-150% returns depending on my entry. Realistic estimates is closer to 200-400%. …