It’s that time of the year again for reflections and resolutions. How did your year go? Okay, that’s too broad a question.  Let me rephrase. How did your investment plans do?  Does it look like you will end this year with regret over missed opportunities? Or much rejoicing over capital gains?  Or with equanimity and thankfulness? I chose equanimity and thankfulness trying my best to be calm, composed and thankful for whatever has transpired during 2017.

Did I have any regrets over missed opportunities? That’s actually a silly question to ask, even without looking about at the meteoric rise of bitcoin. At the same time, true investment is about sticking to a tried and tested philosophy, and despite never having dipped my toes into crypto-this or crypto-that, I am glad I stuck to my investment philosophy, which is to hold good stocks through thick and thin and not getting distracted by side-shows.