If you have not read the 2 earlier parts, read them HERE (PART 1) andHERE (PART 2).

To continue from Part 2, in my blog on SingTel earlier in the year, I said that in my retirement, missing a regular earned income, I should be less adventurous and that I should seek greater stability when it comes to passive income generation.

In other words, I should be less speculative and should not leave too much to chance.

Consistent with this desire for a higher level of stability, I decided to reduce my investment in Accordia Golf Trust (AGT) in 4Q 2017 by more than half and to again increase my investment in SingTel.

I will say that this was not a very easy decision emotionally because, overall, with all the dividends received and with some capital gain to boot, AGT has been a pretty good investment for me…