It has been 1 year since we started this blog when there were only 2 readers (CZM read my post while I read hers) to thousands of readers now. Interestingly, the first post of the blog was actually written by CZM – Food in London on 29/12/2016.

Let me share some interesting statistics/numbers which were contributed by each and every readers :)

We have > 215,000 pageviews since inception! The number continues to grow as you read this article. The latest number can be seen on the top left hand side <—

Majority of the readers are from Singapore.

Majority of the readers are between 25-34. Personally, I thought this graph is really interesting. Between 18-24, people have yet to start working hence, there is no need/reason to read up on finance/investment related stuff. 25-34 is when people enter the real world – start working, have some money but …