Do not own any crypto? Regret.

Do not own any crypto after listening to your friend shill it years/months ago? Regret.

Convinced about crypto, but waited too long to buy? Regret.

Finally bought crypto, but didn’t buy enough? Regret.

Bought enough crypto, but it immediately went down? Regret.

Sold crypto for a profit, but it continues to rise? Regret.

Didn’t sell out the crypto at an all time high? Regret.

You trust dear old Uncle Warren about crypto?  Regret.

2017 is ending and you still haven’t bought any crypto? Regret.

2018 is coming and you still think crypto is a mirage / ponzi / /fraud / scam / bubble? ________

Well, we don’t know the answer for the last one yet, but crypto is full of only one thing, regardless if you missed the opportunity, lost money or even made money, so …