I sometimes wonder, what so great about being frugal.
We always pat ourselves on the back and say, “Well done, we didn’t spend much, we aren’t in cc debt, we save 60-80% of our income.”
We aren’t the consumer suckers who get themselves in consumer debt…

But based on previous estimations, people in cc debt are something like only 10-15% of people.
So why do we say we are doing better than them? It’s like comparing against the worst.

So there are rich people who get into cc debt, and there are lower income people who get into cc debt.
But we don’t compare against the worst so who should we benchmark against?

The true answer is. NOBODY… we should never compare ourselves with anyone, but then I’ll have nothing else to write for today’s post…

So next we have the rich people who are frugal and the lower income people who are frugal.
Now, we are likely going …