Even if you do, it would be better if you do not (ever) admit to having any “spare time” as our culture still revolves around one’s ability to stay focused for hours or days on end and being busyall the time.

Because, unlike most addictions, workaholism is still very often admired, encouraged, and materially well-rewarded.

But why is this, when it has already been proven that “putting in the hours” does not make sense since it is not very productive and even risks health and lives?

And, frankly, I have observed that all those extra hours clocked inworking for somebody elsewould no longer be recognized, nor would it be adequately appreciated, once it becomes habitual.

Still, people like talking about how busy they are, as if it’s a sign of success Perhaps it is for some, but for most of us, it’s a just a sign of being out of control.

Think on this, just how many people have lamented on their deathbeds: “I wish I had …