We are coming towards the end of 2017. It had been a while since 穷小子’s post, so what is he “busying” at?

2017 is a bullish year as 穷小子 would say. Despite with all the bad news, all doomsayers negative headlines, DJI managed to hit more than 25% YTD and STI more than 17% YTD. Furthermore, Singapore economy grows 5.2% in Q3, with 2017 forecast raised to 3-3.5%. With such a good run this year, 穷小子 actually sitting on his current portfolio without much major changes to it.

Below are the quick updates since 穷小子’s last post.

Had divested about 30% of OCBC shares from his portfolio. Mainly is to take profits, and is already 1.3x times more than book value. In another words, it is expensive now.

Participated in its rights exercises, and applied for excess as well. The current price is higher than its …