As 2017 come to a close, what can readers of T.U.B Investing look forward to in 2018?

1. Stretch Target of 30% Gain for My Portfolio

In my last post, I stated that I have my overall target for 2018 is 15% target gain. But after a few days, I decide to give myself a challenge. I decided to have a stretch target of an overall gain of 30% in 2018. HUAT Ar!

2. “Ask Us Anything” Meet and Greet Session

While Youtubers have meet and greet, I was thinking if it was possible for financial bloggers to do the same and “why will readers want to meet us?”. Nevertheless, Simple Investor and I have decided that in 2018, we will be doing “Ask Us Anything” Meet and Greet Sessions throughout 2018.

Basically we will just stay at a open location (maybe a food court), and if …