Expenses report from bloggers are hardly exciting.

I have been compiling this since 2014, so this year will be the 4th consecutive year that I been doing this.

They say you should get your income up rather than prioritize optimizing your expenses. There is only so much you can optimize. Getting your income up, now that is boundless.

So I got my income up a little over time, and while many have start to find optimizing expenses to be time consuming and not worth it as your income go up, I still do it.

Because it is easy to track, budget. It is as if you are in the dashboard of a car you are driving.

In this report I will cover:

  1. how difficult or easy it is to tally these expense figure annually
  2. the annual 2017 expenses review
  3. the annual expenses versus the previous 3 years
  4. how knowing this …