2017 in Retrospect

I think 2017 is one of the most important and eventful years of my entire life. It’s the year that I re-discovered crypto.

I did the first half of the year as usual. Not interesting at all. Bought stocks, sold stocks, boring shit.

It was only when I stumbled back into the crypto world and fell down the rabbit hole did things start going crazy. I restarted the engines and blew off the dust from my Coinbase account opened in 2015 and I got down into the dirty gambling and speculative world of crypto. Or so I thought.

After devouring every shred of information that is not technically beyond my level over straight 4am nights for 2 months, I realized that this crypto stuff isn’t blind luck. There is an art and methods behind it. I don’t care about convincing people that crypto isn’t luck anymore. Do …