For the year end, I’m going to do something different since I have been updating everyone on my personal progress. So today, I’m going to be a kay-poh and will pick three bloggers and talk about  their 2017 moving into 2018 :

a) Budget Babe 

Budget Babe is going to be a target of a lot of salty folks getting into 2018. I always found it damn irritating that people disrespect her for two reasons : One is that she is a woman. The other is that she’s a Millenial.

BB had an awesome year doubling her net worth and getting married at the same period of time. It’s hard to imagine anyone else having a better year than she did.

Of course the sharks are coming. So many critics will warn her of the crypto-currency collapse and predicting a horrible year for her, but I think her mastery of …