AK has become a bit more IT savvy and he now contributes to his CPF account using internet banking at home.

OK, you are right.

I admit.

AK has become even lazier in his retirement and will try not to leave home, if possible

Bad AK! Bad AK!

How to do it?

Er… You mean how to contribute to CPF account using internet banking or how to become even lazier?

Who threw a shoe at me?

Who? Who?

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Anyway, I just did my first online voluntary contribution to my CPF account in 2018!

This was to my CPF-MA which, of course, earns 4% interest a year.

For those of us who are still gainfully employed and paying income tax, contributions to our own CPF-MA will also enjoy income tax relief.

For people under 55 years of age who have already maxed out their CPF-SA (i.e. hit the Full Retirement …