Well, I’m kidding. I came across “Ah Bengs” who are really well-versed in personal finance.

In fact, on many occasions, I am labelled to be an Ah Beng due to my great “appreciation” for Singlish (and many times, Hokkien vulgarities). We “Ah Bengs” just raised the bar for financial literacy and hence, if you are not passing the quiz below, you are not doing it right!

Go on and put yourself to the test to determine how much extra time you should be spending in the year 2018 on Personal Finance.

How Financially Savvy Are You? For Singaporeans, age 55 and below, what is the contribution rate (% of wage) by employee and employer to Central Provident Fund (CPF) respectively? 13% by employee, 13% by employer 20% by employee, 17% by employer 7.5% by employee, 9% by employer