Happy 2018!

It has been a hiatus since our last few posts. At every stage of our lives, things evolves which requires more of our attention. Nonetheless, triplehuat would like to wish all readers a blissful, peaceful and bullish 2018! Huat ah!!

As announced by PM Lee yesterday, Singapore’s economy performed better than expected by growing 3.5%, more than double the initial forecast. This is good news for the country as we continue to ride on the global economic upswing.

As evident, the prospects for 2018 seems promising and likely to be rosier than past years. How true can this be? Let’s delve into four events which could jolt the market this year.

1. US Tax Reforms
Recently, President Trump gifted all US citizens and companies a Christmas present by passing the biggest tax overhaul in three decades. The tax cuts were aimed to entice US companies based overseas to flow their investment back …