Dear reader,

Happy New Year 2018!????

Hope the first few days of the week has been kind.☺️

Have you started on your new year’s resolutions? (Have you already broken them?????)

I spent my weekend thoroughly enjoying myself reading the various annual reviews of Singapore’s leading financial bloggers.????

Some were personal, some were detailed, some noted key milestones and some highlighted things to look forward to in 2018.????

My own 2017 has been truly amazing – one of the best years of my life yet.

(hey, I started this blog, didn’t I?)

I thought about sharing my updated net-worth (absolutely positive, thank you????),

about the huge financial lessons I’d learnt (mainly, the fact that I’ve still SO MUCH MORE TO LEARN????)

and about how to grow the blog this 2018 (should I write a book too?????)

It took a little quiet time for me to realize what I wanted this blog …