Ding…Ding…Ding , CPF Board had just credited the interest into our CPF account , you may log in and check your latest balance and amount of interest you got from “ Ah Gong “ ..????

This year, total $ 28,114 been credited into our account ( for both STE & Mrs STE) as interest from CPF and we are really happy to see our money continue to grow in CPF as we treat it as AAA Bond till 2025 ( till we reach 55 years old).  As I have highlighted in my previous blog post , we treat this CPF outstanding as Bond in our portfolio and also as “cushion” in case anything happen to our equity portfolio due to market volatility.
Combined , we have $967K (including CPF-IS sum ) in our CPF balance and we are projecting to hit $1 mil mark by 2020.