With 2017 just over, I thought I’d dig up some old posts which I still find relevant about crypto which should answer the questions that a lot of people have and that I hear all the time.

Is Bitcoin in a bubble? Am I too late?

What if I invested in Bitcoin for the last 7 years?

Why is blockchain important and will be massive

Terminology clarifications

Why crypto will make me richer than bankers

The “fairness” on why early adopters should and will be insanely rich

Analogue Bitcoin vs Digital Gold

My Crypto Starter Pack v2.0

Why ICOs are here to stay and are not all that bad

Why I sold everything and went all-in Crypto

The best Bitcoin transaction of 2017

Bitcoin crashed, crashes, and will keep on crashing – and that’s okay

How I see crypto panning out in the future

Anyway, I hope you guys …