Dear Investor,

Happy New Year from us at Smallcapasia!

Last year was an amazing one for us as we achieved the following milestones:

Milestone #1 was started in Dec 2016 & we hit almost 2K email subscribers within 1 year of inception with little marketing.

Milestone #2

We covered almost 20 IPOs! Some of the popular ones are as of the below:

Milestone #3

FREE investing tools are consistently dug out and listed in this page for you to download.

Milestone #4

Year 2017 is a BIG YEAR for crypto-currencies – Bitcoin almost exploded 20x and go from USD1K to almost USD19+K.

Not wanting to be left out, I also joined on the Bandwagon and created a new column –

Some of the Crypto posts include:

If you w’d like us to continue churning out more crypto stuff or interested in what tokens to invest in, we are actually coming …