It had been a very busy month recently and I’m very occupied lately from work and the festive period. With my project and all coming to an end, this also means that I have more administrative works to be done.

Speaking of which, I’ve taken a mini-break from my crypto-trading. And what?
Ripple went up 1000% and many other crypto surging pass ATH?

It’s alright.. *Ouch.. I’m pinching myself. Real hard!! :(

Guess what.. I’m back for a short while now :)

Since my latest post (here) on crypto trading, I’ve mentioned that I’ve withdrawn my capital as well as booking 100% profit along. Now whatever that I’m holding or trading around with are basically free chips. And if anyone does a simple calculation.. it’s only a small USD200 that I left in the account after my withdrawal :(

On 02/01/18. Right after New Year, I’ve made a small return onto crypto-trading (yes.. as I’m …