A-point-in-time or over-time??

A short post.

Investment is a long journey of building wealth. It takes time and effort to understand businesses strength and future growth prospects.

I heard an interesting comment from an industry heavy-weight recently, on investors’ mindset of a-point-in-time vs over time. His words were insightful and I try to share it here, with some of my thoughts.

People often focus on issues or problems on hand. These are matters confronting them at the current moment. These are issues at a point in time. And we usually get swamped by these issues, and out mind zoom straight into them that we lose sight of the end goal, the big picture.

This happens very often in different aspects of life. At work, we often are so busy with tasks on hand and forget about the project/assignment’s objective. To achieve A, we need to do B + C + …