Bought crypto in 2017? Congrats fellow crypto OG on being a verified early adopter. THARMS UP MAN.

Buying crypto in 2018? HERD SHEEP FOMO NOOB, get rekt beech!

Proof of herd? This.

The herd is coming in and buying everything with a face value of under $10, especially things below $1. Madness.

Who cares about circulating supply or market cap? Price is the most important thing, right?

The next time someone says that the “price is cheap, so it’s a better buy”, I’m going to shit myself instantly on the spot.

I cannot tell you the number of times people told me that they can’t buy a crypto because “it’s so expensive”.


Anyway, we already knew that this would happen. Just a PSA and FYI, the herd is already here, and half of them are STILL stuck at registration and verification at exchanges. …