Technology: Grab and Uber

It is funny how mobile technology such ride-sharing app has changed the way we commute. I cannot really remember the last time I stood by the roadside to flag a taxi, just to have them drive off when I mutter the word “Yishun”.

In fact, tools such as TAXIBOT helps complete the list of money saving tools in the year 2017, and we foresee ride-sharing to be an important part of our lives moving forward in the year 2018.

Having done a comparison between Uber, Grab and Taxi, we now have a new player in the market.

BlueSG, an electric car sharing service that recently launched in Singapore at the end of 2017, has been making headlines as it already served 5,000 rentals within 3 weeks of operation. It is a service meant to lower the cost of car access that is inflated by things like COE, loans and insurance.