The year 2017 finally came to a close and it’s the time again to look back and review how the portfolio was doing. Total portfolio value was $505,296.85 at the beginning of the year and it ended at $632,480.22 in December. Total fresh fund injected was $90,000 and total profit for the year was $37,183.37 including the dividends received. YTD return was 6.25%, XIRR YTD was 6.72%, and XIRR since inception was 6.16%.

Nothing to shout about the portfolio return when a number of blogger investors were making double digit percentage return in 2017. However, I personally was satisfied with the portfolio performance as my goal was never to achieve the highest return in the shortest time frame. Instead, I was aiming for:

1. Capital preservation
2. Consistent return of 4% and above in the long run.

With equity allocation at 42.13% and …