December turned out to be a short month, so let’s see how the SRS portfolio turned out.

SRS Portfolio
The portfolio ended the year at a record high of $237,815 (an increase of $5,314 since my last update in November). UMS continued to be the biggest contributor to the gains and since my last update, i received the following:
  • $361 distributions from Starhill Global
  • scrip dividend of 545 shares from Frasers Commercial Trust
  • $1,000 cash dividends from UMS Holdings
Non SRS Portfolio
Hyflux Perps
Hyflux Perps continue to be a big drag on my portfolio, falling by 20c to $0.80. While i received the 6% dividend of around $3,024 in end Nov 2017, I really don’t like how the management is running the company whereby it has decided to do a distribution in specie of its consumer business to existing investors. You can see the announcement here. While this …