So I saw one of my Facebook friend shared out this article titled Stark Reality: Singaporeans Waking from the Housing Dream.

It was written in Jun 2017. And it is long.

This article provides:

  1. History of the role of public housing
  2. Narratives by various parties on this issue over the years
  3. Questions from the public regarding the mix signals they are receiving on this leasehold condo-rum
  4. Not being inclusive due to the stringent rules
  5. Housing affordability versus other countries, with our higher cost of living and large contribution to social security
  6. An attack on my friend 15 Hour Work Week and his Wife
  7. Housing size have shrunk
  8. Where the profits from land sales is going and its accounting and reporting by the government
  9. CPF and Housing
  10. The social, economic and political implication of the HDB

The article have a negative slant against the incumbent government, but I do acknowledge its …