Here’s an interesting statistic for Seedly’s Personal Finance Community.

With the crazy number of discussions going on in a week, we will be providing a summary of what went down on the Seedly Personal Finance Community for the week.

What went down on Seedly’s Personal Finance Community (1st – 7th January 2018) Advice and review of Great Eastern’s Endowment Plan (Family3 Whole Life Savings Plan) Personal Finance Checklist for 2018 Options for retirement planning with $100,000. Best interest and fuss-free deposits/investments for sum between $300,000 to $400,000. Great Eastern Endowment Plan (Family3 Whole Life Savings Plan)

A quick context to the question raised on Seedly Personal Finance Community:

One of the members bought a GE Endowment Plan (Family3 10-years), 2 years ago. In contrast with investment instruments such as stocks, Exchange-traded funds and Robo-advisories, the return of the endowment plan appears extremely low for the given period of