The markets are just going crazy!

It’s only been 11 days into the new year, 8 of which are trading days, and SG TTI’s portfolio has gotten an explosive start to 2018, like Powell getting out of the starting blocks for the 100m.

(I’d use Usain Bolt, but he’s not known to be an explosive starter. He usually catches up and crosses the competition somewhere in the middle of the 100m dash)

In my last post (Ding Ding Ding! Closing Bell To 2017. Results Are In!), I put up the non-SG equity portion:

This is that same data set today, without any cash infusion:

Net liquidation value grew by almost $20k USD in the past 11 days.

And that’s only the non-SG part. Total portfolio value probably grew by something like $40k or $50k since the start of the year.

I’ve been selling a shit ton of options …