Like many other financial bloggers, I logged in to the CPF website a week ago. The CPF interest for 2017 were finally credited.

However, unlike other financial bloggers, I have neither done a CPF OA to SA transfer nor performed any Retirement Sum Top-Ups to my CPF accounts so far. And as a self-employed, I have also not made any Voluntary Contributions (VC) to my CPF accounts.

The only contributions I have made in the past two years were the mandatory Medisave Contributions as a self-employed.

So it’s not surprising that my CPF balances are very modest (even below EI threshold of $60,000), as seen below.

Despite the modest balances, I could still find myself smiling from ear to ear knowing that I had accumulated $2,500 worth of CPF interest for the previous year.

But still, I cannot see myself voluntarily contributing more to my CPF accounts any time soon. …