1. What is BeeToken?

In short, BeeToken ICO aims to decentralize Short-Term Housing Rentals using its Blockchain Powered Platform.

The Bee Token is the cryptocurrency that fuels the Beenest platform and the Bee Protocols.

Here are the benefits

0% Commissions
Decentralized platform eliminates the middleman Aligned Incentives
Tokens distributed through presale and ICO Security
Bank-level security through Blockchain technology Trust
Transparent practices with immutable feedback

How do they go about doing the above?

– By Employment of Bee Protocols

The Bee Protocols are a set of Ethereum smart contracts providing developers the tools to rapidly launch new decentralized applications. By utilizing industry proven Bee Protocols, developers can expect faster development cycles, reduced integration costs, and an existing user base.

Here is what i extracted from the BeeToken’s Whitepaper:

2. BeeToken ICO Details

3. BeeToken Roadmap

Some significant milestones of their Roadmap:

Private Alpha on Testnet; Operational in