Dear reader,

School has officially started for me.

The irony is not lost, that after nearly three years of teaching – the tables have turned. I’m now on the opposite side of the classroom as a student.

Oh, the irony.

After the orientations and meeting of new friends, my cohort is settling nicely into the momentum of long classes, the flurry of readings and assignments and becoming first-hand witnesses of the little gaps in classroom instruction and school life. (E.g. we’re pretty that assignment slide wasn’t included in the pre-lesson preparation package…)

So now we’d have to complete the task on the spot? #challengeaccepted

There are some differences studying in the university I’m at compared to the place I’ve completed my degree so there is some adapting e.g. that there seems to be a very high usage and dependence on technology,  which is efficient – but the IT structures …