Just got started recently helping some loved ones to invest and keep track of their portfolio.

With more of my experience in REITs, I decided that I should help one of them buy some REITs.

Here’s the maiden post and holdings.

Lippo Mall REIT Capitaland Retail China Trust SPH REIT

Present portfolio IRR of 6.2%. Return multiples between 0.97 and 1.03 for the different counters. Portfolio return multiple averages out to 1.0.

Portfolio dividend yield is 6.4% which is within my comfortable range of 6 to 7%.

I might consider stretching to buy REITs which are 5-ish or 7-ish% yield, but need to be comfortable with the story behind it.

Rationale for choosing Lippo Mall REIT is its presently high dividend yield of 8.2% as of 30 Sept 2017.

Whilst headline yield is misleading, it is difficult explaining to a newbie so I decided to just invest a small sum …