For those of you who attended my sharing at the CPF Talk on 22 Oct, I mentioned that I have no intention to use my CPF to pay for my new house.

Naturally, this raised quite a few eyebrows, because 8 in 10 Singaporeans pay for their house using their CPF Ordinary Account (OA) savings.

But you heard me right.

What I feel my CPF is for

Now, before you go bat crazy on me, please hear me out first.

In my view, my CPF forms my “untouchable” pot of retirement gold. It is my social security net when I am old and too tired to work for an income.

When viewed as part of my entire financial portfolio, the CPF component contributes to the “bond” aspect – low risk with reasonably high interest rates.

With an interest rate of up to 3.5% per annum on my Ordinary Account …