I’ve receive some questions regarding crypto-crypto exchange recently. And today, in this post, I will be sharing about one good crypto-crypto exchange that I’ve been using personally. Binance is a crypto-crypto exchange that I’ve been using for months and there have been many bloggers writing about them.

Today, below, I will write briefly on my personal review of Binance. With Binance recently reopening their registration portal (link), I will also include the latest steps to creating an account with them. (tho there have not been any major changes since the last time I’ve registered my account with them in November)

Here’s the link to Binance (link here).

The beauty of Binance is that it does not require much verification and you’re able to get your account done shortly with just your email and Google Authenticator. For transactions under 2 BTC, you will not require further verification. 2 BTC (as of 15/01/18) is