Due to the strength of the Singaporean dollar against the Malaysian Ringgit (SGD 1: RM 2.99), your money can stretch a lot further if spent in Malaysia. Luckily, Johor Bahru is just a car or bus ride away, and spending your money there could result in savings up to 50% compared to prices in Singapore.

Here are ten things worth spending on in Johor Bahru:

1. Groceries

Groceries in Johor Bahru cost a lot less (about 25% less, according to a cost of living comparison site), even in big supermarkets like Cold Storage, Tesco and Giant. Here’s how much groceries S$100 can possibly get you in Singapore compared to Johor Bahru:

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2. Infant milk

From the costs of giving birth, to the expenses involved in actually raising a child, having children in Singapore is financially draining. Infant milk powder alone can cost S$150 a …