So a lot of people who joined the freegan events or take part in the activities have a tendency to ask “why”?

The thing is, suddenly, they see so many things and produce, edible or still in good condition and it’s all thrown away, either at wholesale markets, or retail outlets or left by the void deck or in dumpsters.

At the start, I also asked myself… Why?… why do people throw away good stuff?
I’m talking about most normal people. Let’s not talk about outliers.

Now, I tend not to ask why and just take things for free if it’s available.
But I took a bigger interest recently to think more seriously about it…
WHY? Why do people throw away good stuff?

I mean… no one in the right mind would buy something and just throw it away. Usually, that doesn’t happen.
More often than not, people use something til it spoils then they dump it. That’s …