The Need For Lifelong Learning

It’s the Year 2012.

Meet Mr Tan, a 50-year-old taxi driver who has been in this industry for the past 15 years.

He learnt the tricks of the trade in his first few years. Whether it’s which roads/highways to avoid during peak hours or where to wait for flag-downs, he has got it covered. In fact, his accumulated experience means he has been coasting in his job for the past 10 years.

Things were not so different as compared to the late nineties. He still derived most of his income from passengers who flag-down his taxi with the occasional bookings. Most of his customers still paid him in cash.

So far, his reluctance to embrace the internet and smartphones has had negligible impact on his life and job.

Fast forward to the Year 2017.

There are now a couple of smartphones in Mr Tan’s car, …