Soilbuild REIT had to juggle not one, not two but three hot potatoes up until last month.

With the sale of KTL Offshore’s property to its sponsor, they have two hot potatoes left (i.e. Technics and NK Ingredients).

In a blog in September last year (see related post at the end of this blog), I said that with the reduced DPU assumed then, if we demanded an 8% yield, we should only be buyers at 66c a unit.

Now, with KTL Offshore gone, with lower income, we won’t be wrong to downgrade the REIT.

I wonder also if the REIT would see lower valuations which would impact its NAV and, therefore, its gearing level?

Estimating a more aggressive 10% reduction in the DPU assumed in September 2017, all else remaining equal, we might be looking at a full year DPU of 4.8c…