Recently, I have a colleague who got engaged and she showed all of us her nice big diamond ring. Well… I did not ask her if it is a natural or lab-grown diamond, that would appear rude. However, I just can’t help wondering.

After all, natural and lab-grown/synthetic diamonds look the same. And there is no way of knowing how many undisclosed lab-grown diamonds are circulating.

However, even if they look the same (and the composition of synthetic diamond is actually no different from that of a real mined-diamond), lab-grown/synthetic diamonds cost less and has no resale value.

Synthetics: cheaper but more expensive (read here) Analysis: The State of the Diamond Industry (read here)

In the war between natural and lab-grown/synthetic diamonds, there will always be winners and losers. Customers gain from a wider choice (with a wider price range), while traditional jewelers who do not educate (or equip) themselves